8 Facebook pagina design & tab apps om eenvoudig een Facebook pagina te maken

Facebook is the social media and soon-to-be stock market darling. While other social media platforms have gotten a lot of buzz, Facebook has captured serious attention from brands, marketers, app developers and investors because there’s a lot of money being made on the platform – and people expect this to continue.

Of course, Facebook requires work. Not only do companies need to develop and promote their Fan Pages, but Facebook’s ever-evolving technical specs require repeated attention and occasional rework.

While some social media platforms are fairly self-contained, Facebook has a symbiotic relationship with an army of application (“app”) developers who add significant value to the platform…and who, in turn, are able to reap some of the benefits of Facebook’s growth.

It turns out that, in order to succeed in Facebook, companies need access to the advanced capabilities that apps provide. These apps help companies customize their Fan Pages, to add custom “Tabs” (or pages) and to add advanced capabilities via specialized apps such as video players, contests, fan-only content, email opt-in forms, or integrations with other social media platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

There are thousands of apps available that do a variety of tasks required (or desired) by individuals or companies. In fact, because there’s no highly controlled “app store”, a la Apple, it can be pretty hard to find apps that deliver the most important elements. Searching on Google makes this task nearly impossible and searching on Facebook is almost as bad.

With that in mind, I did some research, checked with members of the Facebook #Toolschat group, did some testing, and came up with this set of Facebook Fan Page Design and Customization application options. I’ve included a video with each so you can get a flavor for their application – as told by the company themselves. I tried to find a video that included information about post-Timeline functionality. I also included some basics on pricing and whether they have a free option or not.

So here are the eight options. Let me know in the comments which ones you use, what you like/don’t like about them and any others that you’d suggest. They are in no particular order.

Als je een facebook pagina gaat maken voor je lessen of je klas, is het wel eens handig als je ook gebruik kunt maken van TAB bladen en aparte pagina’s.

In Facebook iets dergelijks maken doe je niet zomaar.

Gelukkig zijn daar apps voor die dat eenvoudig voor je doen. De meeste zijn gratis voor beperkt gebruik en hebben een pro versie beschikbaar.

Deze apps lijst voor facebook is dan ook erg handig.