| maak je eigen online video conferentie

Hosting a Google+ Hangout can be good way to have a video conference with a small group, but only if everyone you want to join you has a Google account. doesn’t require users to register at all which could make it a great alternative to Google+ Hangouts. allows you to have up to five people in a room. You can start using by simply clicking on the blue “Get a Meeting Room” button. When you click that button will create your room and assign it a URL to share with the people you want to video conference with. Once the room is created just allow to access your webcam and you’re in business. You can make your room public or private after it has been created.

If you do want to register on, you can. Registering on allows you to create a personalized room with a URL chosen by you. That room is yours to use as many times as you like.

Applications for Education: doesn’t have screen sharing or file sharing, yet but it still could be a good way to host a small video conference with students, parents, and colleagues. I think that could be useful for hosting parent-teacher conferences with parents who cannot come into your school.

iPads in het onderwijs implementeren?
MeeMetICT leert jouw collega's in eigen school de nieuwste technologie├źn en geeft doorlopend advies over media gebruik.


  • Implementatie in het curriculum
  • Docenten begeleiden bij de invoering van iPads
  • Workshops verzorgen per vakgroep
  • Specifieke educatieve apps zoeken en invoeren
  • Inspiratiesessies verzorgen (bijvoorbeeld 50 apps in 50 minuten)
  • Voorlichting verzorgen voor ouders en leerlingen