5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just a digital destination for your resume; it’s a vibrant online hub offering all kinds of useful information, tools and functionality.
If it’s been awhile since you explored the site, check out this list of five things you might not know you can do on LinkedIn.

Een lijstje met dingen die je zeker moet doen voor de beginnende Linkedin’r.

5 secrets to building your LinkedIn presence

If you’re already using LinkedIn to find business prospects, then chances are you’re ahead of the game.

If not, now’s the time to get started.

Are you getting the most out of what LinkedIn has to offer? Here are five tactics you can add to your marketing tool belt that will put you even further ahead of your competitors.

1. Use LinkedIn Signal for prospecting.
2. Fill out your LinkedIn “Interests” and “Skills & Expertise” sections.
3. Take advantage of the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” tool.
4. Tap LinkedIn company searches to find new business contacts.
5. Expand your group membership.

lees de details op de website zelf

LinkedIn: The Beginner’s Guide

LinkedIn is considered the non-sexy, sleeping giant of social networks. It keeps a low profile, perhaps due to the professional nature of its users. Nonetheless, LinkedIn continues to exert a powerful influence on connected job seekers, brands, recruiters and industries.

Founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to 161 million members in over 200 countries, making it the world’s largest professional network on the Internet (by comparison, Twitter has 500 million registered users, and Facebook has 900 million). Currently available in 17 languages, LinkedIn remains a relevant platform the world over.

That being said, we doubt you spend 20 minutes on LinkedIn per day, like Facebook’s power users do. So, if you need a crash course on what LinkedIn has to offer, browse the network’s most prominent features below. Or send this to your recent grad as he or she prepares to enter today’s daunting job market.

Mooi 9 stappen plan om te starten met LinkedIn.


LinkedIn gids voor studenten

Today, I have shared with you LinkedIn for new grads. I’ve accumulated the best for last: this site was produced with expert networking in brain, and it’s our peak choose as the most helpful source when it comes to making having an important effect specialized links. Check out our point to find great ideas for making the most of this immense tool, as well as groups to check out and understanding posts for LinkedIn success.

If you’re a LinkedIn newbie or immediately require growing to be more successful on the site, these tips recommend great ideas for LinkedIn networking as a new grad.

Don’t just give a little bit of attempt at what time it comes to your profile; in fact take the time to fill up it out entirely so that you’ll be more likely to connect with others that share your interests.

Leaving school doesn’t mean you have to leave all of your connections at the back. Hold them with you by getting out and connecting with classmates, faculty, and friends on LinkedIn.

Iedereen in het bedrijfsleven weet dat LinkedIn erg belangrijk is voor je carrière. Om een baan te vinden is het sowieso een belangrijk hulpmiddel, maar dan moet je er wel op tijd mee beginnen en niet als je al werkloos thuis op de bank zit.

Mijn advies:  Leraren, doe er wat aan en laat uw afstudeerders een LinkedIn profiel maken op school. Geef duidelijke instructies en tips die u zelf wellicht (hopelijk….) ook gebruikt. LinkedIn is dusdanig belangrijk geworden, dat we er tijdens de lessen aandacht aan MOETEN besteden!