10 Pocket websites over video in je klas

Ik gebruik best wel regelmatig Pocket om interessante artikelen tijdelijk te bewaren. Nu zag ik dat ik een aantal artikelen had bewaard over video gebruik in je klas. Bij deze met jullie gedeeld. Het is van alles en nog wat, maar gaat over videogebruik in je klas.


[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]8 Overlooked Useful YouTube Tools[/social_quote]: When most people think about YouTube they think sharing videos and or about all of the videos they can discover. Most people don’t think about the useful editing tools that are built into YouTube. The YouTube video editor has some useful features for teachers and students. 1. – Tags: youtube – http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/06/8-overlooked-useful-youtube-tools.html#.UcIzR-e1mNo

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating iPhone Videos for the Virtual Classroom: You have probably used your iPhone to make videos of your friends and family. Have you thought about using your phone to make educational videos for the virtual classroom? This post will show you how. Often, when videos are made on the iPhone, the sound quality is poor and the footage is shaky. – by Theresa – Tags: youtube – http://blog.wiziq.com/creating-iphone-videos-for-virtual-classroom/

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]5 Ways to Add Interactive Elements to Your Videos:[/social_quote] Over the last few days I’ve featured a couple of free tools for adding interactive elements to your videos. In the last year I’ve reviewed a few other services and methods for doing the same thing. This is a round-up of the ways that you can add interactive elements to your videos. – Tags: youtube – http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2013/02/5-ways-to-add-interactive-elements-to.html#.UZ0VsqJU_Hg

Lights, Camera, Action! Learn From 7 Digital Filmmaking Schools On YouTube: There is an apocryphal story of Steven Spielberg sneaking into Universal Studios in an attempt to see what filmmaking was all about behind the scenes. The story was a fantasy. But what’s true is that one of our favorite directors was a prodigious talent from his teens. – by Saikat Basu – Tags: youtube – http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/lights-camera-action-learn-from-7-digital-filmmaking-schools-on-youtube/

The best iPad apps for video editing: If you are an amateur videographer, or you just want to play around with your iPad videos, then check out our list of the best video editing apps for your iPad. Sure, it’s easy editing and capturing videos from your iPad, but it takes real skill to make your output look as presentable. – by Cherry Mae Torrevillas – Tags: youtube – http://www.apppicker.com/applists/2013/3/28/The-best-iPad-apps-for-video-editing

Build a global audience on YouTube by translating your captions: Growing a global audience on YouTube means having your videos reach many people, speaking many languages. So today we’ve made it easier for you to translate YouTube video captions into more than 300 languages. – by Jeff Chin, Brad Ellis – Tags: youtube – http://youtubecreator.blogspot.it/2012/09/build-global-audience-on-youtube-by.html

15 Great Video Sites for Educators: YouTube: The undisputed king of all video sites. Whilst all the others are great and offer you a little more safety in regards to content, pretty much all the great content from those sites can also be found here in most cases. – Tags: youtube – http://www.edgalaxy.com/journal/2012/9/3/15-great-video-sites-for-educators.html

4 Cool Stop Motion Apps for iPad: Creating stop motions can be a whole lot of fun. In order to make great ones, you need some experience in this area. But having the right tools could always help. Here are a few iPad apps you can use to create stop motion animation on your tablet: – Tags: youtube – http://ipad.appfinders.com/cool-stop-motion-apps-for-ipad/

Take Screenshots And Make Video Demos With Best Free Screen Capturer: Screen capture tools help extend the functionality of the Windows Print screen button by providing additional functionality. While there are a number of good screen capture tools, seldom does one find an application that also provides the functionality of making screencasts. – Tags: youtube – http://www.free-power-point-templates.com/articles/take-screenshots-and-make-video-demos-with-best-free-screen-capturer/

5 Best Cloud Video Editing Tools: In recent years we have seen many cloud based services offering users the opportunity to work and save their projects to the cloud. Some examples include, cloud accounting  and online project management services. – by Youtube Video Editor – Tags: youtube – http://www.free-power-point-templates.com/articles/5-best-cloud-video-editing-tools/

5 gratis online tools om een instructiefilm te maken

5 gratis tools om een instructiefilm te maken

Een instructiefilmpje (screencast) is erg handig om je collega’s uit te leggen hoe bijvoorbeeld een ‘web 2.0’-tooltje of andere software werkt.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Tips voor het maken van een instructiefilmpje[/social_quote]

-Probeer het gekozen ‘screencast’-tooltje eerst uit. Zorg ervoor dat je alle mogelijkheden in je vingers hebt, voordat je het echte filmpje gaat maken.
-Met een niet te duur microfoontje kom je al een heel eind.
-Kies een rustig tijdstip om jouw filmpje te maken.
-Begin eerst met een draaiboekje (scriptje) te maken op papier.
-Maak de filmpjes niet te lang. Maximaal zo’n twee minuten film is meer dan genoeg.
-Verdeel het onderwerp van je filmpjes in “hapklare brokken”.
-Praat rustig, maar niet eentonig.
-Laat de bewegingen van de cursor en de opties waarop je klikt duidelijk zien.
-Maak een gratis account aan bij YouTube en begin een eigen kanaal.
-Maak bij ieder filmpje op YouTube een beschrijving bij de geüploade instructiefilmpjes.

5 online en gratis tools om een instructiefilmpje te maken:
#1. Screenr
#2. ScreenCastle
#3. Screencast-o-Matic
#4. GoView
#5. Screenbird

Zie ze allemaal op: 5 gratis online tools om een instructiefilmpje te maken « André Manssen blogt vanaf de Zijlijn…

Save Time at School with these 180 Google Tricks

Saving time with Google

The list has made it all the way to 181 different tricks.
Explore our collection of tricks to find new, faster ways to search, read email, manage your time, and more.


In this list:

  1. Search Tricks
  2. Google Specifically for Education
  3. Google Plus
  4. Google Docs
  5. Gmail
  6. Google Calendar
  7. Google Mobile
  8. Google Chrome Tips and Extensions
  9. Google Books
  10. Google Voice
  11. Handy Google Services and Apps

Search Tricks

http://marketingconversation.com/2012/08/03/you-can-reclaim-your-reputation-on-google-search/Google is so much more than a search engine. It’s a reference book, calculator, even a weather forecaster. Using these tricks, you can find helpful information quickly, plus get to the right links faster.

  1. Feel lucky:Access the page that Google thinks is the most relevant for your search with the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. Chances are, you’ll find a great resource without having to look any further.
  2. Find public data:Google offers stores of public data, right in search results. For population and employment rates, just search for “population” or “unemployment rate” plus the state or county.
  3. Find your web history:Find websites you’ve visited and even search your own online history with Google’s Web History.
  4. Search within a site:Found a site that’s full of great stuff? Narrow down your results within the site by searching for (search query) site:(domain).
  5. Search for exact phrases:Put quotation marks around “any word” to find an exact phrase more efficiently.
  6. Shorten your search phrases:Chances are, you don’t need to type a whole lot to find what you’re looking for. Try shortening your searches to just a few words.
  7. Check the weather in a flash:Need to know if rain is going to hold you up on the way to class? Just type “weather” plus the city or zip code, and Google will pop up a forecast for you.
  8. Be descriptive:Instead of searching for “celebrity sounds,” which could be a variety of different sounds, look for “celebrity ringtones,” which is much more specific.
  9. Find the file type you’re looking for:Search for PDF, doc, even Power Point files by adding a filetype:pdf modifier to your search string.
  10. Forget about cases:Google’s search isn’t case sensitive, so search for new york times if you’re looking forThe New York Times.
  11. Don’t worry about punctuation, either:Search doesn’t pay attention to punctuation and special characters, so don’t bother using them.
  12. Turn Google into a calculator:Did you know that Google has a built-in calculator function? Just enter a calculation into the search box, and you’ll get the answer!
  13. Google is a dictionary and thesaurus, too:Get definitions by entering “define” before your search term, and discover synonyms by adding a tilde (~), as in, ~cats.
  14. Quickly discover movies and movie showtimes:To find movie reviews, showings, and theaters before you head out with friends, just type “movies” plus your zip code for the best results.
  15. Check the time around the world:Chatting with your video penpal in Japan? Find out what time it is by searching for “time Japan.”
  16. Get rid of the stuff you don’t want:If you keep getting irrelevant results for a certain term, you can exclude words just by placing a minus sign in front of them. So if you want to know about wombats but not necessarily blind wombats, you’d search for wombats -”blind wombat.”
  17. Search with Goggles:Use your mobile phone’s camera to search for an item instead of typing words.
  18. Search by voice, too:Search the web with speech by tapping the microphone button on your Google search box.
  19. Discover what you don’t know:Google can help you fill in the blank with a simple asterisk (*). You can search for “Isaac Newton discovered *,” and Google will complete your sentence.
  20. Check your spelling:If you’re not sure how to spell a word, just type your best guess into Google. If you’re wrong, Google will pop up with an alternative, asking, “Did you mean: (correct spelling)?”
  21. Keep finding great sources:If you like what you see on a particular website, and would like to find more, just do a related search on Google. For example, “related:www.cnn.com” will direct you to more news sites like CNN.
  22. Discover people:Thanks to Google Plus, Google offers people profiles for a surprising amount of individuals. Get the quick low-down on your classmates, professors, and even important public figures by simply Googling a person’s name.
  23. Check out patents:If you need to research a patent for school (or your latest invention), just plug in the number, plus the word “patent” into Google to get information about it.
  24. Research health conditions, medications, and even save a life:Type any common symptom or disease into Google, and you’ll find an expert summary. Same thing for most generic and brand name prescriptions. Search for “poison control,” “suicide prevention,” and “flu,” and you’ll be directed to the appropriate phone number or even nearby locations that can help.
  25. Find food, stores, and more fast:Find local businesses, like restaurants, quickly just by entering what you’re looking for plus your zip code. For example, you can find pizza joints in the Beverly Hills area by searching for “pizza 90210.”
  26. Quit stalking the FedEx guy:You can track packages from USPS, FedEx, and UPS just by typing your tracking number directly into Google.
  27. Convert units of measure:Calculate temperature, weight, and more just by using Google Search.
  28. Search by timeline:With “view:timeline” you can get a timeline for any topic you’re researching.
  29. Use Google’s cache to get around blocked sites:Just by using “cache:website address,” you can get around most blocked sites.
  30. Take advantage of image search:Find an image for your search with Google’s Image Search.
  31. Find results on a specific kind of site:To find results only from authoritative sites like .edu, .gov, or .org, add “site:edu” to your search term.
  32. Check the time:Find out the local time just by entering “what time is it” into Google.
  33. Search within a url:Discover topics, years, and more within a url just by using “inurl:.”
  34. Refine your search with options:Drill down to what you’re really looking for with Show Options.
  35. Find a face:Find only images with faces by using “&imgtype=face” in your search query.

Google Specifically for Education

http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/2012/01/google-announces-new-google-in.htmlWith tools like Google Earth, Scholar, News, and iGoogle, there are lots of great ways to learn more and save time with Google.

  1. Google Scholar:Use Google Scholar to get hooked up with scholarly literature, including results from academic publishers, journals, and peer-reviewed papers.
  2. Check out the sky:Get a lesson in meteorology with Google Earth’s Sky feature.
  3. Set up an iGoogle page:Keep everything handy and easy to access with an iGoogle page full of your most relevant news stories, calendar, and Google Reader blogs.
  4. Google News:Find news sources around the world in Google’s incredible news resource.
  5. Make your own search engine:Using the Google Custom Search Engine, you can create a search engine that specifically caters to your research needs.
  6. Set up a study group in Google Groups:Communicate and collaborate with classmates and more in Google Groups, or better yet, start your own G+ Hangout.
  7. Google Code University:Learn more about computer science by checking out Creative Commons-licensed content in this Google site.
  8. Study the oceans:In Google Earth, you can view not just the sky, but the ocean floor’s surface and even 3D shipwrecks.
  9. Check out Knol for expert input:Explore Knol to find expert knowledge on a variety of different topics.

Google Plus

http://computegeeken.blogspot.com/2011/07/google-plus-after-one-week.htmlA great new service for students to take advantage of, Google Plus has plenty of ways to get connected and save time.

  1. Create Hangouts to chat with study buddies:Collaborate with group project members and study groups by setting up a video chat Google+ Hangout.
  2. Do a university search:Find information within your university, thanks to Google Plus’ feature that collects university affiliation.
  3. Get a constantly updated research stream with Sparks:Set up Sparks for a search engine that automatically finds information about the stuff you’re interested in.

Google Docs

http://blogs.computerworld.com/google_docs_sharing_error_permission_cloudWe’re big fans of Google Docs’ ability to streamline word processing, spreadsheets, and more. Here are plenty of ways to take things to the next level and save time.

  1. Set up repeated text:If you frequently write the same phrase over and over again, set up automatic substitution in your Google Docs preferences.
  2. Store your documents in the cloud:With Google Docs, it’s easy to keep your documents in the cloud and access them wherever you are: your dorm, mom and dad’s house, even the school library.
  3. Save Gmail attachments to Docs:Keep Gmail attachments organized in the cloud by saving them to your Google Docs account.
  4. Spell check in bulk:Google Docs checks your spelling as you type, but if you prefer to do it all at once, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-; to go to the next misspelling, and Ctrl-[ to back up.
  5. Create your own templates:If you have a document that you’d like to use over and over again, just make your own template in Google Docs.
  6. Take advantage of templates:Find templates for your resume, budget, chores, study schedule, and more in Google Docs templates.
  7. Open things up a bit:Compact your Google Docs controls to get more writing real estate by pressing Ctrl-Shift-F inside a document, reducing the menu bar size.
  8. Set up simple forms, surveys, or polls:Need a survey for a research project? Set one up in Google Docs to gather info.
  9. Collaborate and get alerted to changes:Google Docs is great for collaboration with classmates, and it’s also useful for setting up notifications to find out when they’ve made changes.
  10. But remember that you can turn off notifications:Getting alerts is great, but one too many can become distracting. Change your notification settings if it’s driving you nuts.
  11. Translate documents with Google Docs:If you’ve downloaded a foreign language journal article, get it translated into another language with Google Docs.
  12. Organize into collections:Use Google Docs enough, and you’ll have quite a collection of documents to go through. Put them into neat categories by setting up collections, and move documents to the appropriate folder.
  13. Add video to your presentation:Give your Google Docs a multimedia boost by adding video.
  14. Add a school year calendar:Follow these instructions to create a simple school year calendar in Google Docs.
  15. Use spreadsheets to make graphs:Enter data into a spreadsheet, and then use that data to create a pie, bar, line, or scatter graph.
  16. Open a new document lightning fast:Use simple shortcuts to open up new documents quickly.
  17. Save as you go:Use the right click to save-as option, and you can quickly save a document in Google Docs.
  18. Send invitations in Google Docs:Whether it’s for a party or a study group, you can send invitations using Google Docs.


http://www.internetdunia.com/internet/hidden-but-useful-features-of-gmail-services/1344/The ubiquitous Gmail has lots of great tricks and options that student time-savers can take advantage of.

  1. Better Gmail:Speed through your Gmail inbox by using this add-on that fixes some of the problems that can slow you down in Gmail, like customizing your inbox count display, messages, sidebar, and more.
  2. Gmail Manager:Get updated on multiple Gmail accounts at once with this add-on that lets you check all of your Gmail accounts.
  3. Turn on keyboard shortcuts:Gmail offers keyboard shortcuts like letter navigation, single-stroke actions, and more that can shave time off each action you do in Gmail.
  4. Undo Send:If you accidentally sent a message a bit too fast, undo your send, and go back to fix a goof or add an attachment without having to send a brand new email.
  5. Add gadgets to Gmail:You can add Calendar and Docs to your Gmail sidebar, helping you get quick access to your schedule and documents.
  6. Use stars to note special messages:Mark messages with stars and superstars to remember that they are important.
  7. Mute messages:Use Google Smart Mute to turn off messages that you’ve been added to on CC.
  8. Use advanced search operators:Narrow down who you’re finding emails from with “from:” and “to:,” search by “subject:,” “has:attachment,” and more with advanced search operators.
  9. Filter email with personalized email addresses:Add a plus sign, periods, and other characters to create variations of your email address, and filter your inbox based on these addresses.
  10. Get connected faster with SMS in Chat:Send a quick SMS text to your contacts through Gmail’s Chat if you really need to get connected instantly.
  11. Use Drafts as notes:Keep handy notes in your Gmail Drafts folder by composing a new message and saving it as a draft.
  12. Organize with labels:Get your email organized with labels to quickly scan your inbox for what you’re looking for, and move messages to them to clean up your inbox.
  13. Identify which messages were sent just to you:Find out if an email was directly addressed to you by looking for personal level indicator arrows.
  14. Set up reminder keywords:If you know you’ll need to access an important email later, but might not remember how to find it, forward it to yourself, adding a memorable keyword to the message that you can search for later.
  15. Send one-liners with (EOM):For messages where the subject is the entire message, Gmail will usually pop up and ask you if you want to ask body text. Bypass this message by adding (EOM) to the end of your subject.
  16. Search your mail:Instead of keeping your mail super organized, just use the Gmail search function.
  17. Archive your messages:Keep your inbox tidy, and old important emails still accessible by search by archiving messages.
  18. Sign out remotely:Oops! Left Gmail on at the computer lab? Sign out remotely by clicking on Details at the bottom of your Inbox.
  19. Sort email accounts:If you use Gmail to receive messages from both your personal account and school account, separate them into Multiple Inboxes to keep everything clear.
  20. Report spam vigilantly:Rid your inbox, and the world, of spam by reporting emails as spam.
  21. Keep important files handy in Gmail:Always have quick access to key files by emailing them to yourself in Gmail.
  22. Turn emails into tasks:Got an emailed assignment from your professor? Convert emails into tasks, and even access them on your mobile phone.
  23. Set up filters:Control the flow of incoming mail by setting up filters that will automatically label, archive, delete, forward, and more.
  24. Preview attachments:If you’re not ready to download an attachment yet, just preview the attached document to see what it’s all about.
  25. Always remember to attach files:Sign up for Labs to use the Forgotten Attachment Detector, and get notified when you mention attachments in the body of your message, but don’t actually have anything attached.
  26. Add multiple attachments at once:Use Control, Shift, or Cmd to select more than one file to attach to your message.
  27. Use https:Protect your Gmail with https, even when you’re using Gmail in public places like a coffee shop or the school library.
  28. Add Calendar and Docs:Make Calendar and Docs a part of your Gmail page by adding them as boxes.
  29. Set up a “waiting for response” label:Never lose emails that need following up by setting up a label for messages that you’re waiting on a response for.
  30. Set up Canned Responses:With Canned Responses, you can save email templates for common replies that you use over and over.

Google Calendar

http://www.iconspedia.com/icon/google-calendar--744.htmlUsing Google Calendar is the first step to saving time and staying on-task. Here are many more ways that you can keep the productivity train rolling with Calendar.

  1. Take advantage of hotkeys:Navigate your keyboard by using hotkeys, like t to jump to today’s date, or q for a quick add.
  2. Sync your calendar:Make sure that your calendar is the same on Outlook, your iPhone and Google Calendar on the web by using Google Calendar Sync.
  3. Create mini calendars:Set up multiple calendars with custom colors to manage different calendars for different purposes, like homework vs. your social life.
  4. Set up notifications:Get a daily agenda mailed to you, as well as reminders and updates, so you can manage your calendar right from your email.
  5. Add your Remember the Milk tasks:Use RTM’s add-on to add your tasks to Google Calendar.
  6. Add appointments quickly:Be specific, adding the time and date when you type in new appointments, and Google Calendar will automatically populate the fields you specify in its appointment form.
  7. Get texts from your calendar:Set up access to Google Calendar on your mobile phone, and get your day’s agenda by texting “day” to 48368.
  8. Get Synced in iCal and Sunbird:Sync your calendar with Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird.
  9. Customize your reminders:Choose which reminders work best for you: email, SMS, or pop-up.
  10. Set up weekly repeats:Repeat events for M/W/F or T/Th classes and other events to block out the time on your calendar each week.
  11. Add events in Gmail:Click “add to calendar” to add events to your Google Calendar right from Gmail.
  12. Invite others to an event:Just add email addresses under Guests within any event to remind others of an appointment.

Google Mobile

With these tricks, you can fit education in anywhere.

  1. Sync your calendar:Sync your Google Calendar, Gmail, and more to your phone so that you can stay productive on the go.
  2. Check email on the go:Use Gmail for mobile to stay connected with your phone.
  3. Read your blog subscriptions:Access Google Reader on your phone to stay on top of your blog subscriptions.
  4. Consolidate your phone numbers, even your cell phone:With Google Voice, you can consolidate your dorm, apartment, and cell phone numbers into one.
  5. Find your friends:Discover where your friends are hanging out with Google Latitudes.
  6. Get answers from Google SMS:Find a great place to eat, translate words, and more just by texting Google (466453).
  7. Check in with iGoogle:Get a mobile-optimized version of iGoogle on your phone.
  8. Access your Google Docs, too:Read all of your Google Docs items on your phone.
  9. Keep a to-do list with Google Tasks:Google Tasks makes it easy to keep and access a to-do list right on your phone.
  10. Always know where you are:With Google Maps, you can take advantage of GPS and more to be sure that you never get lost.
  11. Find out anything, anywhere:Use Google Search on your mobile phone to find out information wherever you are.
  12. Read books on your phone:Access Google Books on your phone to read on the go.
  13. Post to Blogger:Use your mobile phone to update any Blogger blog.

Google Chrome Tips and Extensions

http://www.facebook.com/googlechromeWith this awesome Google browser, you can maximize your time using tricks, extensions, and really cool ideas.

  1. Snippy:You can snip out web content and save it for later in Google Docs thanks to Snippy.
  2. Set your startup pages:If you rush to Gmail, Facebook, and specific research sites on startup, change your settings to open them up automatically each time you start Chrome.
  3. Stay Focusd:Use this extension to help curb your Facebook addiction, blocking out websites that you tend to waste time on.
  4. Note Anywhere:Use Note Anywhere to scribble notes anywhere online, even Wikipedia.
  5. Web2PDFConverter:PDFs are so prevalent in higher education, so keep this converter handy in case you need to save and distribute a web page as a PDF.
  6. Read Later Fast:Save research links and check them out later with the Read Later Fast Chrome extension.
  7. RemindMe:Stay on task with RemindMe, a great app for getting reminders, tasks, and more.
  8. GradeGuru Citation Manager:Organize your references and citation online using GradeGuru’s Chrome extension.
  9. Session Manager:Save a certain group of tabs open only for specific tasks, and keep them all handy and separate with the Session Manager extension for Google Chrome.
  10. myHomework:Using this Chrome extension, your can organize projects, classes, and homework so that you remember all of your important assignments.
  11. Session Boddy:Keep your session safe, no matter where you access Google Chrome with Session Buddy, an extension that saves your tabs to export and use later.
  12. Put your favorite sites on your desktop:Create a shortcut on your desktop to see an icon for your favorite website.
  13. Auto Copy:Make copying text just a tiny bit faster with this extension that automatically copies text to the clipboard when you select a block of it.
  14. Cacoo:With Cacoo, you can create diagrams collaboratively, right in your Google Chrome browser.
  15. Google Mail Checker:Keep an eye on your Gmail without having to manually check in throughout the day by using Google Mail Checker, an extension that will show your unread Gmail messages on Chrome.
  16. Split Screen:This extension is especially helpful when you’re researching over a variety of different websites.
  17. Use Chrome’s Omnibox as a calculator:Just like you can use Google Search as a calculator, you can do calculations in Chrome’s Omnibox.
  18. Desmos Graphing Calculator:Make Google Chrome’s calculator even better with this graphing calculator extension.
  19. Copy Without Formatting:Copy plain text using this Chrome extension, and you can avoid messing up your documents with pre-determined formatting.
  20. DayHiker:Check your schedule, tasks, and even set an alarm clock with this calendar extension for Google Chrome.
  21. Set up AutoFill:If you’re sick of typing your name, address, and phone number over and over again, set up your AutoFill option to fill it in for you.
  22. Brizzly:If you’re going to check Facebook and Twitter when you’re supposed to be studying, at least keep things simple. Use Brizzly, a reader extension that streamlines your browsing and updating.
  23. Create a favicon bookmark bar:Set up links on your bookmarks bar, and delete their names so that Chrome will simply display them by favicon, saving room and leaving more space for even more links.
  24. FastestChrome:Supercharge your Chrome experience by installing FastestChrome, an extension that adds Wikipedia articles to your browser, finds definitions instantly, and makes searching more convenient.
  25. Sync your Chrome settings:If you use Chrome on multiple computers, like the library, computer lab, and your dorm, you can keep your settings by syncing them to your Google account.
  26. TooManyTabs:If you’re prone to opening way too many tabs in Chrome, use this app to organize them all into a manageable format.
  27. Control multiple tabs with Pin Tab:Using a Pin Tab, you can minimize tabs into a small icon.
  28. Use Paste and Search and Paste and Go:Use these features to save steps when searching and navigating.
  29. Reopen closed tabs:Whoops! Fix an accidentally closed tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.
  30. Keep things private:Use incognito mode to operate without any history or cookies on your browser.
  31. Make use of the bookmarks manager:Use Chrome’s built-in bookmarks manager to organize, rearrange, find, and add folders for your bookmarks.
  32. ChromePass:Use ChromePass, and you can list all of your stored Chrome password information.
  33. Chrome Mailer:With ChromeMailer, you can get support for the mailto: function on Google Chrome.
  34. Google Chrome Backup:Back it up! Keep all of your bookmarks and personal data safe and secure with this tool.

Google Books

http://www.devingriffiths.com/archive/2011/07/new-google-books-component-for-meandreseasr/Access school books online, do your research, and save a trip to the library with these tricks and more.

  1. Save books as a PDF:Take books that would normally be online-only and save them as a PDF so that you can read them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Find author and book information:If you need quick info, like the author of a certain book, or when it was published, do a Google Books search to find detailed into on authors and titles.
  3. Read public domain books:Search for classic books, then select “Books” in the left panel of your search results to find free copies of public domain books.
  4. Search the full text of books:On Google Books, you can search the full text of thousands of books.
  5. Make your own library:Add books to your shared library on Google Books to keep them organized for your classes or projects.
  6. Find books at your own library:Check out links on Google Books that allow you to check the availability of titles in real life libraries.
  7. Check out Advanced Book Search:Take things to the next level with detailed book search options.
  8. Find textbooks online:Thanks to Google Books, you can even access selected textbooks online.
  9. Find magazine content:In Advanced Book Search, you can find information in magazines, too.
  10. Check out the blog:Find out the latest in the Google Books world with the Inside Google Books blog.
  11. Find supplements for your assigned texts:Go to the next level, and find books in the subjects you’re studying in school.

Google Voice

http://edreach.us/2012/04/15/google-voice-not-your-mothers-voice-service/Google Voice makes it easy to streamline your phone experience, and even eliminate a few pesky distractions.

  1. Use Google Voice as your phone number:Avoid pesky solicitor phone calls and use voicemail transcription to take the time suck out of using your phone.
  2. Put voicemails in a special label:Set up a label for all emails that come from voice-noreply@google.com.
  3. Set up a “do not disturb” time:Determine a time when you really need to get things done, set up “do not disturb” on Google Voice, and all your calls will go to voicemail.
  4. Block nuisance calls:Kill productivity-busting sales calls by blocking them. Google Voice will set up a disconnection message for callers that you’ve blocked.
  5. Record calls:If you’re doing research interviews, this is a really handy time saver. Use Google Voice to record calls, and you can go back to them later.

Handy Google Services and Apps

http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57497844-93/google-to-retire-postini-migrate-features-to-google-apps/Here you’ll find even more ways to save time with Google, using services like Google SketchUp, Talk, and Translate.

  1. Install a search box on your browser:Using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, you can add a search box for Google onto your browser.
  2. Google Alerts:Stay on top of news stories and research projects with Google Alerts, a service that will send you emails with new search results for your terms.
  3. Google SketchUp:Draw 3D figures for free online using Google’s SketchUp service.
  4. Google Talk:Chat with family, friends, classmates, and professors on your desktop and more with this service.
  5. Google Images:With Google’s Image search, you can find loads of high-quality images.
  6. Google Translate:Using Google Translate, you can get foreign words translated lightning fast.
  7. Google Finance:Use Google Finance to stay on top of markets, news, and more.
  8. Google Toolbar:With the Google Toolbar, you can get easy access to all sorts of Google tools right in your browser.
  9. Picasa:Manage, edit, and share your photos online with this Google photo manager.
  10. Google Fusion Tables:With Google’s Fusion Tables, you can share and discuss your data online.
  11. Blogger:Using Blogger, you can create a project blog, share your experiences, and keep up with family and friends.


Lijst met websites met gratis afbeeldingen


Iedereen weet natuurlijk dat je geen afbeeldingen van websites mag “plukken”, om die zelf te gebruiken. Het zelfde geldt voor de afbeeldingen die je vindt via Google Afbeeldingen. Op alle afbeeldingen die je vindt op het internet, zit auteursrecht. Je mag er alleen maar gebruik van maken, als je toestemming hebt van de maker(s). Tenzij…, tenzij de afbeeldingen zijn gepubliceerd onder een Creative Commons Licentie of expliciet staat aangegeven dat je de afbeeldingen gratis kunt gebruiken.Voor wie nog niet weet, wat een Creative Commons Licentie is: lees mijn blogpost “Creative Commons uitgelegd”.

Op en via de onderstaande websites kun je afbeeldingen vinden die je gratis mag gebruiken, maar wel zijn gepubliceerd onder een Creative Commons Licentie. Kijk dus op de website of bij de foto’s wat de Creative Commons Licentie inhoudt. Ik  heb deze websites gevonden via Netties.be.

#1. Fotopedia

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fotopedia-heritage/id383327395?mt=8Fotopedia een site waar je afbeeldingen vindt die je mag gebruiken. De afbeeldingen verschijnen in een eindeloos doorlopende reeks, zodat je niet altijd “next” moet aanklikken. Vind je een afbeelding die je wel aardig lijkt, klik op de foto. Er wordt dan een grotere versie van de foto in een nieuw tabblad geopend. (Bron)


#2. OpenStock

http://www.fishseddy.com/browse.cfm/2,256.htmlPhotographyDit is een zoekmachine. Deze zoekmachine gaat op zoek naar foto’s bij Wikimedia. Ook deze afbeeldingen mag je gratis gebruiken, mits met een bronvermelding, zoals je die kunt vinden bij de Creative Commons voorwaarden van de afbeeldingen. (Bron)


 #3. EveryStock

http://www.churchofrabbit.com/category/freebies/page/4/PhotoEveryStockPhoto is ook een ‘foto’-zoekmachine om naar foto’s te zoeken die zijn gepubliceerd met een Creative Commons Licentie. Dat betekent dat bij de foto’s wordt vermeld, onder welke voorwaarden je deze mag gebruiken. (Bron)


#4. FreeImages

http://dealseekingmom.com/10-free-images-from-istockphoto/Op deze Britse site vind je meer dan 6000 gratis afbeeldingen. De afbeeldingen zijn verdeeld over 83 categorieën.


#5. Stock.XCHNG

http://www.sxc.hu/photo/178959Jasper Oelers attendeerde mij op deze site met gratis beeldmateriaal. Waarvoor dank!


#6. pics4learning

http://nicosiairc.wordpress.com/2011/03/17/pics4learning/Een website speciaal met afbeeldingen die geschikt zijn voor het onderwijs. Al deze afbeedlingen zijn copyright vrij.


Je mag de afbeeldingen gebruiken op websites, weblogs, enz. “Free images is a high quality resource of digital stock photographic images for use by all.

André Manssen heeft altijd een geweldig overzichtelijke lijst van apps voor het onderwijs. Ook nu weer: Een lijst van websites met gratis afbeeldingen die je ook daadwerkelijk kunt en mag gebruiken.  See full story on www.manssen.nl

Images provided by:

100 Tools, Guides, and Resources to create your own course

Perhaps you have a special skill, talent, or knowledge-base that you want to share with others, and maybe you’ve heard that teaching online courses can make you a little extra money. The resources below will help you discover how to combine both what you have to offer and what you wish to gain by guiding you through creating and establishing an online course. No matter what age of student, subject you want to teach, or size of the class, you will find resources and information to bring your class online.

7 Steps to an Awesome Infographic

Knowing how popular and effective infographics can be these days, how do we actually go about creating them? Here I lay out the 7 steps to create awesome infographics.
Infographics, by definition are,

“Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information (Wiki).”

As you can see, graphically displaying information is not new. Things like maps, street signs, and the Periodic Table of Elements are all infographics. So why do we see them shared all over social media all of a sudden? Well, like any trend, it’s a perfect combination of filling a desire in the market, and having the right people adopt and share in the “movement.”

Ik vind dit wel een handig artikel, want waar begin je nu meer als je een infographic gaat maken.
Deze stap-voor-stap guide laat je zien hoe je een goede inforgraphic kunt maken.

Image courtesy of Lauren Manning

20 Desktop Tools om je passwords te beheren

20 desktop tools to help you generate and also manage multiple passwords. Most of them are free, however those that require you to pay have additional features that make it stand out from the rest.
If random characters and numbers are giving you strong passwords, but you are finding it hard to remember them, this article may help.

Het wordt steeds belangrijker om goede passwords te hebben voor alle sites die daar om vragen. Om nu te voorkomen dat je het gewoonweg niet meer weet, is hier een lijst met 20 desktop tooltjes om je toegangscodes te genereren of om ze te managen.

Online tools help people manage numerous passwords
“They get the list of usernames and passwords and then they go and start trying those on Bank of America, on Gmail,” Electronic Frontier Foundation spokesperson Seth Schoen said. Schoen studies Internet scams. He says predators who get your username …

Which Password Manager Is The Most Secure?
Which Password Manager Is The Most Secure? Security weaknesses: The biggest problem with saving your passwords in your browser is that it’s not hard for someone who gains access to your computer to also access all your passwords. In Chrome, for …

How to manage portable passwords with storage apps and devices
The way the portable passwords were stored amounted to nothing more than a flat text file. That meant doing anything more sophisticated than simply throwing the passwords into the file was entirely up to me. It quickly became a management nightmare.

More Passwords, More Problems
The most common tool for organizing a glut of passwords is the password manager, but few people use them, says Cormac Herley, an author of the 2007 Microsoft Research study. A startup called Dashlane is hoping to change this, with a simple password …

Clipperz helps manage passwords for free
Clipperz helps manage passwords for free. By Stuart Gripman, Macworld. Sep 12, 2012 7:00 AM; print. Clipperz is a free online password manager. If the last three words of the preceding sentence give you pause, they should. The idea of trusting one …

20 plus To-Do apps en tools. Get organized!

App of the Day: Any.Do Stands Out in a Sea of To-Do Apps
App of the Day: Any.Do Stands Out in a Sea of To-Do AppsList-making apps are a bustling sector in the app market, with a plethora of offerings to match every philosophy and approach when it comes to organizing time and information. Productivity geeks fervently advocate whether or not the “Getting Things …

Procrastinators are us: Do you need a to-do app? | Computerworld …
If you’re like me, and can’t seem to cut down on your list of things to-do, you may want to try a to-do app.

Popular ‘Things’ To-Do App Now Auto Syncs with iOS, Macs | CIO …
Past versions of the Things to-do apps had to be manually synced between iPhones, iPads and Macs, but the latest version (finally) supports automatic cloud syncing.

Social To-Do App Fetchnotes Adds 25 GB Of Free Storage From Box, Raises A …
Fetchnotes, the Twitter-like lightweight note-taking app that lets you organize your to-do’s with hashtags and collaborate with @ replies, is now offering users a 25 GB of free storage for backing up notes thanks to a new partnership with Box. You …

26 Free Cross-Platform Productivity Apps to Help You Get Things …
Rather than pay for productivity apps for each platform, use these free cross-platform productivity apps to get your work done.

Stky is a simple to-do list app for post-it lovers : Shiny Shinystky-app-screenshot.jpgThere are so many apps available for creating and keeping track of your to-do lists, whether you want a simple and intuitive solution (we’re big fans of Clear) or something a little more detailed with sharing options (give …

To Do List App for Android
7 Best To Do Lists Apps For iPhone And iPod Touch | DemonsysDoBot Todos
Never miss out on your important tasks by having these 7 must have to do list apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

6 Fantastic To-Do Apps for Getting OrganizedRemember the Milk’s free program operates like a standard to-do app. Through the service, users can set tasks, organize them into lists, and get reminders when something is due. But where Remember the Milk really separates itself is the many ways you …

7 Best To Do Lists Apps For iPhone And iPod Touch | DemonsysPriorities For iPhoneNever miss out on your important tasks by having these 7 must have to do list apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

5 Apps To Help You Swing Back Into Productivity Mode
While there are plenty of to-do list apps, few will stand up against Clear in terms of simplicity. If you’re looking for a list-making app that is dead easy, this is it. Moreover, Clear takes advantage of some simple movements on your iPhone to make …

Increase Your Personal Productivity with LifeTopix
mzl.huvkjncj.320x480 75 200x300 Increase Your Personal Productivity with LifeTopixDespite the fact that LifeTopix only costs 99 cents, it’s got one of the better interfaces I’ve used in a to-do list/productivity app. At a glance, from the moment you open LifeTopix, you can see what’s on your plate today, tomorrow, and over the next …

15 Gratis Video Conferencing Tools en leren op afstand

Best free downloadable and web-based video conferencing tools for holding multi-party video calls

Een mooi Pinterest overzicht van gratis video conferencing systemen. Als je op afstand je leerlingen wilt helpen met huiswerk, zou dit handig kunnen zijn.


Nog meer artikelen over video conferencing:

Winnaars Innovatieregelingen: onderwijs wil leren op afstand …
De winnaars van de Innovatieregelingen 2011 van het SURFnet/Kennisnet Innovatieprogramma zijn bekend. Er werden maar liefst 158 aanvragen ingediend voor de regelingen, waarmee instellingen van basisschool tot …

Leren op afstand | ICT innovaties in het basisonderwijs
Leren op afstand. Voor mijn onderzoek voor de master heb ik me gericht op het leren op afstand. Kinderen doorliepen een leerpad in de ELO en leerden zo hoe ze een bepaalde breukensom konden oplossen. Dit was deels …

Trendmatcher tussen ICT en Onderwijs ™: Het nieuwe leren
Trendmatcher tussen ICT en Onderwijs ™ … Als ze op afstand mijn presentatie kunnen zien en mijn stem kunnen horen heb ik daar in feite voldoende aan om les te kunnen geven bedacht Pascal. Behalve dat geeft Pascal …

Gespot: leren op afstand populair en wie wordt de onderwijspionier …
Gespot: leren op afstand populair en wie wordt de onderwijspionier 2011/2012? 5 mei 2011 – gepubliceerd door redactie om 15:53. Door Femke van Ooijen. Gespot in week 18 De winnaars van de Innovatieregeling 2011 van het …


Afstandsonderwijs is een goede keuze | Wat is het?
Een aantal mensen denken dat leren op afstand als een procedure die is gestart en voltooid op het web. Het world wide web heeft het mogelijk voor de tentakels van het onderwijs op afstand meer uit te breiden ten opzichte van het vroeger …

Het belang van afstandsonderwijs Onderwijs | Wat is het?
Afstandsonderwijs Degrees-programma’s hebben ingestemd met deze manier van leren met open handen en zijn een integraal onderdeel geworden van het onderwijs. Afstand Cursussen geven onderwijs door middel van correspondentie, …

relipop.nl » Blog Archive » Nieuwe trends in online leren – Podcasts
Online leren (en afstand leren) biedt flexibiliteit en toegang voor iedereen geïnteresseerd in het verdienen van een hbo-opleiding, een geavanceerde graad, of beantwoordend aan permanente educatie eisen. Met online leren, kun je mijl …

Onderwijs-nieuwsberichten: De geschiedenis van afstandsleren
Rond de Tweede Wereldoorlog zagen ook steeds meer maatschappelijke organisaties (zoals vakbonden) heil in afstandsleren als middel om de toegankelijkheid van goed onderwijs te vergroten. Vanaf de jaren vijftig nam de …

Images provided by:

100+ Tips on how to Integrate iPad into your Classroom

aAesome tips on how teachers can use iPad in their classrooms.
We have already covered this topic in several posts in the past but upon checking this slideshow we discovered we mere missing some other tips which we are really glad to know about.
The slideshow features 102 ways to use iPad in the classroom and these tips are relevant for all teachers regardless of the subject matter or content area they teach.

Most of these tips if not all are accompanied by links to apps that you can download and use on your iPad, not all of the apps included are free but they are really great.If you are planning to kick off this school year with an overall plan on the integration of iPad in your teaching then I recommend you bookmark and download the slideshow below, it will be of great help all throughout the way.

Een google docs document met meer dan 100 tips over hoe je de Ipad kunt inzetten in het onderwijs.

“100+ Tips on how to Integrate iPad into your Classroom” verder lezen

Social media in het onderwijs: en nu concreet!

Er zijn  al veel publicaties geschreven over de zin en onzin van het gebruik van social media in het onderwijs.  Ik volg met interesse de (soms verhitte) discussies over de meerwaarde  ervan.  Uiteraard zijn al deze  onderzoeken, whitepapers, blogs etc. zinvol. Het is immers belangrijk om te kunnen toetsen of social media in het onderwijs inzet in de lespraktijk ook werkelijk een meerwaarde heeft.  Daarmee creëer je draagvlak om innovatieve social media experimenten op te schalen en “staand” te krijgen binnen het onderwijsproces.

Waarom social media in het onderwijs gebruiken?

Als je het aan de docenten vraagt die nu (al?) social media gebruiken in de les, dan zijn de argumenten:

– Je brengt de buitenwereld binnen
– Anytime, any place, any pace
– Link tussen lesstof en actualiteit
– Denk- en samenwerkingsprocessen transparant maken
– Aansluiten bij interesse en voorkennis van je leerlingen
– Afwisseling in werkvormen
– Mogelijkheid om feedback en expertise van buiten te ontvangen

12 easy Screen-Sharing Tools

Screen-Sharing and Remote-Collaboration Apps

Here you go, free and easy-to-setup screen-sharing and remote-access tools. There are several ways you can benefit from these apps:
– (1) Remote-Control: Help out your friend or mom with PC problems remotely,
– (2) Screen-Sharing: Collaborate on running programs and documents with friends.
– (3) Remote-Access: Access your PC files from work, school, etc.

Even eenvoudig je scherm delen met iemand anders om even iets uit te leggen of om samen iets uit te zoeken kan heel eenvoudig als je de juiste tooltjes er maar voor hebt.

Mijn eigen dochter zocht laatst iets op internet, maar kon het zelf niet zomaar vinden. Ik zat tegenover haar met mijn eigen laptop en startte snel even Teamviewer op.  Ik kon nu  (heel lui) vanaf mijn eigen plek samen met haar de dingen zoeken die ze zocht. Daar is screen sharing dus voor bedoeld.

De lijst met 7 screensharing tools zoals beschreven op makeuseof:

1. CrossLoop
2. TeamViewer
3. Yuuguu
4. Unyte Lyte
5. SoonR
6. FolderShare
7. sVNC 

Nog meer screen sharing apps en online programma’s, zoals:

channel.me shop together on the internet

8.   Join.me
9.   Screenleap
10. AnyMeeting
11.  Screenleap
12. Channel.me   Samen surfen op internet.  Samen shoppen op internet.

Lessen op afstand.

Je kunt screen sharing tools ook gebruiken om lessen op afstand te verzorgen. Let er echter wel op wat je deelt en of  de ‘kijkers’ mogen meeklikken. Dat is niet altijd gewenst natuurlijk. Bij Channel.me kun je juist samen klikken. Erg handig als je zoals ik even iets wilt uitleggen aan je dochter.

Op je thuis computer werken vanaf je school pc.

Teamviewer wordt veel gebruikt om op afstand je pc te bedienen. Je kunt Teamviewer thuis op je computer installeren. Op school heb je niet altijd de beschikking over alle programma’s en dan is het wel handig als ja vanaf je school pc even kunt inloggen op je thuis pc. Het is dan net alsof je thuis achter de computer zit. Alles is natuurlijk goed beveiligd met een password. Je kunt teamviewer op meerdere pc’s installeren op je eigen (gratis) acoount. Als je vervolgens inlogt op je Teamviewer account, kun je kiezen uit een lijst van je eigen computers waarop je wilt inloggen.


Image Credit makeuseof.com

5 Apps to Turn Your iPhone Into a Recording Studio

5 apps voor je Iphone die er een mooie sound studio van maken.:

1. Retro Recorder
2. Oblique Strategies
3. BPM
4. SPL Meter
5. iStroboSoft

Zie voor de beschrijving van de 5 apps de originele site.

Ik heb nog een paar soundstudio gerelateerde apps gevonden voor de ipad en Apple stuff.

Audio Xciter Studio: The Better Music Player?
Audio Xciter Studio, developed by Aphex, bills itself as “the better music player.” Does this iPhone app live up to its own self-created hype, or does it fall short of user expectations? Right off the bat, Audio Xciter Studio for iPhone gets big points …

Daily iPhone App: Audio Xciter brings joy to your ears
The company recently moved beyond the recording studio with a new mobile app that brings Aphex’s signal processing technology to the iPhone. Audio Xciter is a standalone app that serves as an alternative to the stock music player. When you launch the …

Pro Music Apps » Blog Archive » Aurora Sound Studio HD
Aurora Sound Studio HD. Posted by Mikers On July – 12 – 2010. This was already a chunky music creation tool back on iPhone. Now enjoy the extra screen real estate on the iPad for improved operation of mixing and editing features. Whether …

Check Out the Super Stylish Philips Fidelio SoundRing DS3880W …
Specifications. Compatibility. Compatible with: all iPod, iPhone and iPad. iPod/iPhone/iPad App. App name: SoundStudio, Free download from App store; Compatibility: iPod touch, iPhone, iPad iOS 4.3 or later. Loudspeakers …


IRig Guitar Interface Adapter for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch
Turn your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad into the ultimate mobile Guitar and Bass Sound Studio. Imagine carrying your entire guitar or bass rig around in your pocket. When we say entire, we mean tuner, pedalboard, amp head, …

Sound Forge Pro komt naar de Mac
Koen op 22 augustus 2012 21 reacties Laatste door Marius1976. Sony’s professionele audio-applicatie Sound Forge Pro zal ook uitkomen op de Mac. … aukem op 22 augustus 2012. Soundstudio hier, dat is het enige haha… Citeer bericht; Prive bericht; Ga …


Images provided by:

Image Credit mashable.com

10 artikelen over : Google’s igoogle gaat echt verdwijnen

http://attgo.blogspot.com/2012/07/google-will-be-retired-igoogle-and.htmlMobiele versie iGoogle uit de lucht
Maak je nog gebruik van iGoogle dan heb je nog even de tijd want het moment dat de startpagina echt uit de lucht zal gaan is pas op 1 november 2013. Wat Google echter niet had gezegd is dat de mobiele versie al eerder uit de lucht gehaald zou gaan …


Google Video, iGoogle and other products closing for good – GigaOM
As part of its continued pursuit of “focus” Google is shutting down five more products. That includes Google Video, iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and its Symbian Search App, the company announced in a blog …

Google to Shut Down iGoogle | Webmonkey | Wired.com
Google is doing some spring cleaning in the middle of summer, announcing it will shut down five more services, including iGoogle. Fans of Google’s widget-based homepage have a little over year to find a replacement.

Spring cleaning in summer | Official Google Blog
We originally launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine the ways that today’s web and mobile apps would put personalized, real-time information at your fingertips. With modern apps that run on platforms …


Google to Shut Down iGoogle | Webmonkey | Wired.com
Google is doing some spring cleaning in the middle of summer, announcing it will shut down five more services, including iGoogle. Fans of Google’s widget-based homepage have a little over year to find a replacement.

iGoogle Developer Blog: An update on iGoogle
As we announced on the Official Google Blog, on November 1, 2013, we will be retiring iGoogle. To ensure a smooth transition for your users, you may want to update your gadgets and direct users to your site or offer the …

Can Anything Replace iGoogle?
Now that Google has announced plans to discontinue iGoogle, Jim Pierce asked me to suggest an alternative. I recommend NetVibes, even it can be a little intimidating at first. It asks you to pick or type a subject, and then it overloads you with four …

What can replace iGoogle?
Introduced in 2005, iGoogle is a highly customisable web home page or dashboard and one of more than 30 services that Google is in the process of retiring, or spring-cleaning as they call it. It’s essentially a Cloud service, so you can use it wherever …

iGoogle Review – Google Custom Personal Homepage – AppAppeal
iGoogle gives users a simple personalized homepage with a wide variety of customization options. Users can choose from an enormous collection of gadgets and themes to build a unique homepage.

iGoogle *Disappearing* Soon!! – David Bilinsky – Thoughtful Legal …
According to Google, “iGoogle will be retired in 16 months, on November 1, 2013. The mobile version will be retired on July 31, 2012.” With respect, this decision appears to be either badly explained or inexplicable. I imagine …

Google retiring iGoogle, Google Mini, others for ‘spring cleaning …
To everything (Turn, Turn, Turn). There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn). Sometimes those seasons can get a bit convoluted, however — or such is the.

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29 iPad Resources, Tutorials, and Guides Every Teacher Should Know about

iPad is gaining momentum in the educational sphere and might , in the near future, be integrated as a leading learning method.
iPad is part of the gesture-based technology that is widely embraced by teens and which has pushed some school districts especially here in Canada and also in the States to start using the BYOD approach, for the costs of iPad and their apps is still relatively high.As a teacher who has not yet tried mobile technology in his teaching, you might be wondering where and how to start. What resources to use ? Well, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has some answers for you.

We have collected a set of some useful resources on the use of iPads in the classroom which can help you dig your way into the world of mobile learning and teaching.
1- Teacher’s Guide to The Use of iPads in Education
2- 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPads in Education
3- A Free Comprehensive Guide to iPad Apps Evaluation
4- A Quick Guide on Bloom’s Taxonomy Apps for iPad
5- Teacher’s Guide to The Use of Google Docs in The iPad
6- A Simple Guide on how to Create eBooks on iPads Using iBook Author
7- Using iPads to Enhance Students Reading Skills
8- Professional Development Apps for iPad
9- The Use of iPad Apps to Develop Students Creativity

Here are more resources from zdnet compiled by Charlie Osborn:
1.)iPads for learning:Getting started
2.)How to put a video in Keynote for iPad
3.)50 iPad2 tips and tricks
4.)iPods and iPads in the Classroom
5.)iPad Curriculum:Educational app reviews, tips, and tricks for using iPads in the classroom
6.)Mobile Mentor workshop
7.)Apps and lesson plans
8.)Issues to consider concerning the deployment of iPads
9.)Managing student work
10.)iPadagogy: The YouTube Channel
11.)30 iPhone appsto help educators manage classrooms
12.)30 Useful IPad appsfor Business & Presentation
13.)20 AmazingiPad apps for educators
14.)Elementary school iPad apps
15.)Middle school iPad apps
16.)100 free iPad apps
17.)10 excellent iPad applications for teachers
18.)Top 20must-have educational iPhone & iPad Appsused by real teachers in the classroom
19.)5 Innovative iPad appsthat will evolve your classroom
20.)20 great classroom iPad apps to add to your collection

Een hele lijst met Ipad informatie.

Om de linkjes te gebruiken moet je wel even naar de site toe: