Visual content creation tools

Visual Content Creation Tools you wanting to create more visual content but don’t know where to start?

PhotoGrid is an app that I use to share to Instagram but you can use to create graphics to share anywhere. This app allows you to import non-square shaped photos onto a square background, edit backgrounds, add borders, and add text overlays to images to create compelling calls-to-action and motivational quotes to your own images for unique and fresh visual content. Available on iPhone and Android.

Canva makes it super easy to create graphics that get engagement on social media. With hundreds of layouts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google +, it shouldn’t take long at all to create something that stands out and looks great online. There’s plenty of other design types for marketers too, from email headers to blog graphics!

When you want to make more significant changes to your images Pixlr provides an easy to use editor with great features

I love the collage feature of PicMonkey. It makes it super easy to create tall infographic-style image that are perfect for Pinterest.

is a busy marketers dream!  This online tools takes the ease of Canva and marries it with the built in templates and fonts of Over and Wordswag. There are no design skills needed with QuotesCover. Simply add your text, choose your background and font and voila, you’re done!

For those of you that are visual creatures, here is the SlideShare (or you can jump to the Cheat Sheet at the end of this post).

I love PicMonkey because it takes its tools from the best parts of a graphic designer’s and photographer’s brains. You have all the basics you need, but also a lot of instant, extra options like collages, overlays, fonts, and themes to bring ideas and creativity to your i

Sometimes more basic programs like Acorn and Canva aren’t going to cut it when you have a more specific vision to execute…this is where Adobe Creative Cloud will save your butt. The ability to work on an iPad and backup to the cloud is also a huge perk for content creators on the go.

I love Canva for two reasons! One it allows me to create visual content for multiple social platforms, quickly and easily. The second reason I love Canva is that my team and I can use it as a collaboration tool. We can all see the graphics, make suggestions and changes as needed.