WiFi Camera: Capture Images From A Remote Camera Over WiFi [iOS]

Connect two iOS devices over WiFi

Have you ever wanted to take a picture from an iOS device while not near it? Maybe you need to take a group photo where you are in the group, or you want to set your old iPhone up outside to take pictures of birds, but you don’t want to sit right near the phone to scare them away.

With WiFi Camera, you can connect two iOS devices over WiFi or Bluetooth and use one to capture a photo from the camera of the other. This is an app that is begging for some serious creative uses.

All you need to do to use this app is download it on both iOS devices. Once the app is installed and running on both of them, simply launch it on both devices. The app will automatically detect other devices running it. Use one app to send a request to the other and once accepted, both phones will be in control of each other’s cameras.

When you have the app open, pressing the camera button will take a photo on the other device. The image will automatically be saved on both devices. It works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and any combination of those devices can pair up and share cameras.

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  • Share camera between devices over Wi-Fi.
  • Take a photo from one device with another devices camera.
  • Detects other devices running WiFi Camera automatically.
  • Saves photos to both devices.