Zelf educatief materiaal maken voor de iPad met deze 6 apps (US)

Digitaal materiaal is niet altijd beschikbaar

We willen allemaal wel lesgeven met een iPad, maar digitaal interactief lesmateriaal is niet altijd beschikbaar. Wat moet je dan? Dan maak je toch gewoon zelf lesmateriaal!

Hier 6 apps en tips om zelf lesmateriaal te maken:

  • http://www.mediabistro.com/appnewser/book-creator-brings-bookmaking-to-the-ipad_b15885Book Creator for iPad ($4.99) We reviewed Book Creator (PadGadget = 4 stars) and found it very intuitive. It allows the user to choose from 50 different fonts and is a solid choice for general book creation.

  • http://iphone-apps-ipa.com/Download-ipa-application-for-iPhone-iPod-iPad/Creative-Book-Builder-create-edit-publish-your-ebooks-V1.1.htmlCreative Book Builder ($3.99) allows the author to create a QR code, import terms fromQuizlet and add tables as well as multiple choice questions. While it works well in a number of settings, Creative Book Builder is particularly well suited to creating educational materials.

While the apps listed above can be used to create documents of any length, teachers may want to create and manage PDFs for shorter documents using productivity apps.

  • http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2383925,00.aspNotability (current sale price just $0.99) allows its user to create documents that blend handwriting, typing, images and audio. A user can save his notes as a PDF, as well as to annotate existing PDFs. Create notes on a variety of different paper (lined, graph, plain, colored). Auto-sync notes to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or WebDAV.

  • http://www.tuaw.com/2012/02/03/daily-ipad-app-remarks-for-ipad-tops-the-class-in-note-taking-a/Remarks ($4.99) lets the user write, draw and add text to documents. Users can annotate existing PDFs or save documents as a flattened PDF for viewing. After its most recent update users can now add sound to documents and sync with SkyDrive.

  • http://www.zath.co.uk/pages-ipad-app-review/Pages for iOS ($9.99)  Though Apple native app is billed as a word processor, Pages create PDFs, ePubs or other documents. This universal app also allows the user to create charts and graphs, insert images easily, and make a polished final product.

PDF or ePub?


Finally, anyone with a Mac can use Apple’s iBooks Author (Free). This Mac app is easy to use and was recently updated to improve accommodation of mathematical equations as well as to allow an to use his own fonts.How do I know which is best? According to Apple, most users will want to save text-centered work as an ePub and layout-centered work as a PDF.

Amerikaanse uitgevers enthousiast over Apple’s selfpublishing tool iBooks Author

In Amerika zijn uitgevers enthousiast over het gemak van Apple’s software iBooks Author, waarmee uitgevers – verrijkte – e-boeken kunnen maken, meldt Publisher’s Weekly (PW). Dat iBookstore een gesloten platform is, nemen ze op de koop toe. In januari …

Apple updatet ook iBooks Author (nu verkrijgbaar)

… en sjablonen. Ook zijn er nieuwe widgets beschikbaar, waardoor het onder meer mogelijk wordt om rekensommen in iBooks uit te laten voeren. De geüpdatete versie van iBooks Author is gratis te downloaden in de Mac App Store en weegt zo’n 219 MB.

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